1971-1979 - Struggle and fundraising

During the period 1971 to 1979 with ever rising interest rates reaching over 20%, the Parish struggled financially and was busy with fundraising to pay off the loans on the building. Two to three Fund Raising Dance Socials were held annually in the Sutherland Hall and Manhattan Ball Room, with many parishioners working very diligently selling tickets, making perogies, cabbage rolls, etc. When we started our first major Fund Raising Campaign in 1975, we received a very generous donation of $5000 from Mr. Jim Patrick to initiate our campaign. After all parishioners made their donations, Mr. Patrick matched this total, concluding a successful campaign where over $35,000 was raised. This campaigned effectively reduced our mortgage in half. We then re-financed the remaining balance with the Christian Catholic Brotherhood, Toronto, at a very manageable 4.5% interest rate. The mortgage was finally paid off, with much relief and gratitude and on August 19, 1979 a special mortgage burning ceremony was held in conjunction with our 20th Anniversary Praznyk and attended by Bishop Andrew Roborecki, Father Michael Bzdel (Sts Peter & Paul Parish), Father Mudri, and our first Pastor Father Rudolph Luzney.