1972 - Blessing of the cornerstone…

Sunday May 27, 1972 was a day of joyous celebration by the parishioners and members of neighbouring Saskatoon parishes as Bishop Andrew Roborecki blessed the cornerstone and the church cross which was installed at the summit of the roof above the main entrance.

The architectural style of the church is that of a modified basilica measuring 76 x 40 feet, with an interior height of 28 feet. The imposing front wall and the facades along the longitudinal walls are finished in brick veneer. The area beneath the rectangular windows, which alternate with the facades along the side walls of the structure, is decoratively finished with glassweld in tones of pale blue and violet. Two towers on either side of the main entrance, according to the architectural plans would eventually contain cupolas.

In the interior the church is divided into the sanctuary, the nave and the vestibule. The sanctuary has an angulated ceiling, two adjoining sacristies and an elevated main altar area; the wall behind the main altar has been prepared for a painting of the church patron. The interior walls were originally finished in a combination of wood paneling and plaster-board. Massive wooden beams create facades between the rectangular windows of the longitudinal walls and apex at the center of the open-beam ceiling with wood roof decking. Both the ceiling and beams are finished in the natural color of the wood. The structure is north-south oriented with a partially enclosed vestibule at the south; confessionals are located at its south side with a stairway leading to the choir loft. Originally, the precast concrete floor was carpeted down the center aisle and sanctuary; a few years later, the entire floor was carpeted. Solid Oak Wood pews in the nave provide seating for approx. 175 persons.

Sutherland, located two miles east of Saskatoon, was an independent community until 1958 at which time it was incorporated into the City of Saskatoon. Ukrainian settlers arrived in the Sutherland area prior to 1910. They attended holy services at St. George’s Cathedral in Saskatoon and later at Sts Peter and Paul church in Saskatoon Nutana. From 1952, holy services were held occasionally in the Roman Catholic Church in Sutherland which was later purchased by the parishioners and relocated to the present site. During its initial phase the parish was served by pastors from St. George’s Cathedral and Rectors of Sheptysky Institute.  In 1960 this community became an independent parish with a membership of 28 families. The first Holy Mission of the parish was held in 1961 under the direction of Rev. Michael Schudlo, CSSR. In 1968 there were 53 member families and in 1975 the parish registered 54 families. In 1976 the parish was under the directorship of Rev. Vladimir Mudri, pastor, Norbert Wasylenko, Mike Dubyk, Morris Yuzik, Michael Nehraeff, John Hnatyshyn, Joe Belosowsky, John Belosowsky, Nick Chomyn, John Hnatuk, Alex Skakun, Alex Nalywayko, Michael Bzdel, John Antonik and Michael Luzney.