Holy Mysteries


“Baptism is the first Mystery that a person needs to receive in order to enter the Church, the ark of salvation. It is the means by which one becomes a member of the Church, the Body of Christ.”

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“Chrismation is the seal of the gift that we received in Baptism. It manifests that every baptized person receives the coming of the Holy Spirit, as did the apostles at Pentecost.”

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Holy Communion

“In the Mystery of Holy Communion, Christ gives us his very self, his Body and Blood, as nourishment for our growth in the new life. At the Mystical Supper (Last Supper) Christ offered himself for us so that we might be able to offer our lives for our neighbour, as he offered his life (see Jn 13:34).”

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Receiving Holy Communion


“The Holy Mystery of Repentance (or Confession) is a marvellous manifestation of God’s love and mercy towards us sinners. This is because the Lord does not reject us and does not turn away from us when we, having been washed of our sins in Baptism and endowed with divine grace, sin again through malice or weakness.”

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Holy Anointing

“The Mystery of Holy Anointing, received at the time of suffering and illness, is celebrated in order to strengthen our faith in Christ’s victory over sin and death. In Holy Anointing, God grants the grace to renew a person’s inner wholeness – their healing and further spiritual growth.”

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“In the Church, the marriage union is a Holy Mystery in which the man and woman manifest the new life in Christ.  A Christian marriage is not only a natural relationship, a shared life experience; it is in an occasion the grace of the Holy Spirit a man and woman are united in one body and create a domestic church.

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Holy Orders

“In the Mystery of Holy Orders, the sacred ministers receive the grace of the Holy Spirit to exercise Christ’s priesthood in the celebration of the Holy Mysteries and pastoral service.  In all the sacred minister’s service ‘it is Christ himself who is present to his Church as Head of his Body, Shepherd of his flock … Teacher of Truth.’”

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