Justice and Peace Committee

The Second Bi-Parish Garage Sale in support of our refugee family from Syria was held on Saturday, September 21, 2019 at Dormition of the Blessed Mother of God Parish in Saskatoon.

In 2018 we raised $3092.65. This year (2019) approximately $4500 was raised!

Over the course of one week, the following people were pivotal in making this year’s sale a success: Cindy & Tim, Erin Lalach, sigh school students Bria, Tayha; Mildred & Glen Nicol, Diana Chomitzky, Tasha Lalach, Liz Potter, Roman, Annika, Fr. Andre Lalach, Jeremy Bannon, Loran Chrusch, Loretta Yaganiski, Irene Beck, high school students Rhea, Lizanne; Vera Hnenny, Vera Chyzowski, Jennifer Clerke, Mary McKinnon, Dodie Abrametz, Jon & Claire Abrametz, Donny Larmour; Carla Shynkaruk; Jean, Elizabeth, Stephania Alonso; Maureen Chrusch; Andy Praksas, Andrea, Georgia & June B.

A MAMMOTH thank you to all of our parishioners in both Ss Peter & Paul and Dormition Parishes for your donations, to members of the Knights of Columbus for donating food and cooking, and cutting the grass prior to the sale, in addition to your time throughout the sale week; to members of the UCWLC for donating baked goods and time to help; and members of the Bi-Parish Refugee Sponsorship Committee for your time and dedication to this project.

Special thanks to Fr. Andre & Luba Lalach for the use of your bbq and space. Also, a sincere thank you to Brother Knight Ron Denis, Manager of Canadian PUPS Storage Vault for the generous donation of the trailer for our use over the past two months.

The items left were donated to The Salvation Army Thrift Shop, the Saskatoon SPCA, Westside Community Centre, and the SSO (Saskatoon Symphony). God bless you! Thank you for your generosity and service!

~ In gratitude and peace, Jana L. & Cindy L., co-chairs for the Bi-Parish Garage Sale ~

Thank you for your generosity!