1992 - Committee was struck to commence plans to build an Iconastas

In 1992 a committee was struck to commence plans to build an Iconastas. This committee visited a number of churches and looked at various styles and options. The final choice was to build one primarily of tempered glass anchored on sold wooden columns. This style allowed for some visible transparency and was favored by most of the members. The glass work was manufactured and installed by Creative Glass (Terry Kotyk). The itched motifs consisting of leafy designs, peacocks, lamb, emblem of our church was also done by Creative Glass which beautifully and meaningfully compliment this glass Iconastas. The brass trim and door frames were manufactured and installed by Luna Metal Works (Luczka Bros). All the Icons on the Iconastas were done by our own parishioner, Mr. Terry Zinkowski, who along with Fr. Kratko, was also instrumental in the creation, design and supervision of installing this unique Iconastas.